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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  September 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> heavy rain headed our way, probably going to make a mess come tomorrow morning. we start with this weather alert. the blue skies we have been used to over the past several weeks about to go iowa. dari: once the rain gets here, we will get drenched. the rest of the week may be a washout. let's go g together audrey puente with the forecast. audrey. meteorologist: some weather over this weekend and we had quiet weather. now things are changing. we have a lot of rain working in there could be flooding parts of the area. the fashional weather service issued flood advisory ares. so this goes physical 3:30 in the morning on wednesday then we do flood watches to the counties shaded in dark green here. this goes through thursday morning. this is where we do anticipate the worst of the flooding conditions because we're anticipating heavy rain to move across that part
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of the tristate area. will be surprised if they spread further southward as we go to tomorrow. here is the radar. we look at a dry spot here on new york city up toward rockland, westchester counties but to the west here, we're seeing the heaviest rainfall. we have pockets of rain being found across parts of long island moving north to connecticut. the bulk of the system is providing heavy downpours across portions of eastern pennsylvania as well as upstate thork. we're going to get a taste of that. we have a cold front sitting to the west here. that front is going to help push the rain to the area overnight. let's say after midnight. we will see steady rainfall moving in and become heavy at times rumbles, too. it is here for the morning come out so we anticipate rain and a whole lot of it for the first half tef day. we get arthral the afternoon before another round begins to crom the south on thursday. we are watching for a tropical storm that could affect us this weekend. up.
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steve, dari. steve: thanks, audrey. more confirmed cases in the bronx there are now ten patients being treated. now we're learning that more cooling to you with we'res have tested positive. sharon crowley with details in the in bro extonight. sharon? reporter: steve, some startling new you consider the may area commissioner declare new york city free of the legionella disease a few weeks ago. after this deadly outbreak this summer. here is what we know, ten new cases confirmed in the east bronx and nine of those people are still in the hospital and seven places here in the east bronx have tested possive. they are are cooling towers for the region nell la bacteria. one of them here in throgs neck. the lehman high school. in spite of the fact they did detect up the cooling tower at the lehman high school here, school will be open here tomorrow, that is
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because they use different water supply, the cooling towers are being disinfected as we speak tonight and the air-conditioning system has been turned off. now there are also a number of other places in this area, several campuses of einstein college has buildings where they had cooling towers on top of them that also tested positive for the potentially deadly ledge upon flail pack tier ya as did a chase bank branch and cave ry hospital which is a hos spit. we short time ago with the residents who everybody live in this area and we heard, tonight, the new york city health commissioner. >> that is actually very scary. i only live about four blocks away. make minis snow about that as it keeps going. >> it likes warm waters so we tested more cases of legionnaire's disease in the summer and the fall months when it is still warm as it is now.
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legionnaire's alsos really thrives in manmade water structures. and of course, this says a lot of questions. these were towers we are takinger than east bronx that were disinfected after that other deadly outbreak earlier this this summer. and it seems like just one month later, the back year to has grown here again. of course, as you heard the health commissioner say, warm conditions in summer and fall certainly provide the right environment to that. just to wrap up and send it back to you. ten people sick, nine in the hospital. one has been discharged. walk to you in the dari: all right, thank you, sharon. well, a trial date has been set for the nypd officer accused of killing unarmed man at brooklyn housing complex t. the officer faces second-degree manslaughter charges when guess on trial. january 7th. he is accused of accidentally killing 28-year-old in a
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houses hast november. the officer is on desk duty. the family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city. steve: first at 6:00, baltimore police officers charged death of freddie gray will stand trial in november. day from died after custody. he died from a severe are spinallal injury. widespread riot and protest in the streets of baltimore this summer. >> so when it comes to stopping isises from recruiting new fighters it looks look we're not doing so well. well, we're failing according to few report that also says we are not doing a good job keeping wood be terrorists from crossing our borders. fox 5's lidia curanaj tells us why social media is crucial to this crackdown. reporter: the united states is not doing enough to prevent americans from joining isis. that is the dire warning a report put out betas k force the u.s. committee on homeland security that was releaseed the sam day president obama met with more than 100
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special u.n. summit on isis. >> terrorists anti-rants throughout history, isis will loose because it has nothing to offer but suffering and death. reporter: the committee reviewed 58 case of americans who joined since 2011. of those 58 inspiring fighters. 15 were finalled as min society anns. california and new york ranked second. international security expert. >> well, i is just a cocommunity that has strong connections and strong affiliations and just as new york and california do, and then, you will go back to new york, michigan and some some other states. the report claims more than 250 americans have joined or tried to join terror groups. the report says dozens have made it back to u.s. soil. >> the threat is gettingors, not better. we're losing in this struggle and to keep american interests the battle field. reporter: while the report's findings are disconcert, u.s.
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intelligence continues even though the recruit has left the states. kerley, we, we tray to identify anybody who is going to be radicalized, right. so the tragedy is to stop them before they go. but if they do go, we use this information and that communication to be able to identify other people that could be radicalized. >> reporter: in am almost 80% of case report. they found the aspiring terrorists were communicating and being recruited via social media. in the newsroom, lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." >> a group of aljazeera journalist want the country's president to pardon them t. the group of seven were convicted of terrorism related oh if fences in egypt while reporting in 2013 and pleaded the case today at the committee to protect journalist heres to the al ya year in journalist were grantedded last week. 1le journalist remain in
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egyptian jails. dari: donations have been pouring in the family for the new jersey high school cobb died last week after woke injured on the field. a gofundme page has been collected, has collected more than $58,000 for the family of evan mr ry. the money raised to help with funeral expenses and the medical bills. the 17-year-old at warren hill's high died of a massive internal bleeding from lacerated spleen after taking a hit on friday might the game. a wake will be held tomorrow and then his funeral is set for thursday. >> all right. the city continues the crackdown on nail salons this time testing the air quality inside that comes after a report exposed the dangerous health conditions inside of many salons inside of this toxic chemicals this. the pilot program will put a lamb with air quality sensor inside of dozens safe lons that will let customers and the people work this know they are exposing themselves to unsafe chemical levels. >> if you recently upgraded the iphone,
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can eat through your data it is not turned off. wi-fi assists automatically switches the dat connection to the cell carrier when wi-fi reception gets spotty. if you have unlimited data, it is a great fee ture because you don't have to purn turn off the wi-fi when the cell phone connection goes bad, if not, it is not that dread great if you have a cap on the data plan. >> well, a lot of people don't have unlimited dat plans so you could have a surprise on the bill at the end of the month if you are not checking those messages or alert interests the carrier. dari: all right. so here is how it goes. to disable the feature, justs go to the feature. click on cell uar. scroll down to wi-fi assist. then simply switch it over could always all right. millions of facebook users were fooled again. it is a message this is posted and shared among facebook friends that claims users will have to pay a monthly fee to keep their pick turns
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videos private if they don't repost the message z a status. that that scam has ahead a round a few times. they reassured hes soars saying the site should be free and you should not believe everything you red on the internet. then sign away when you join facebook in the first place. dari: a final farewell toll a yankees' legend. steve: right. families, friends, fans bay paying tribute to the great yoga berra. russ was there. he will us about it. dari: and nsa whistle-blower joined twitter today. who joined him to get on social immediatian the first mace and the controversial first tweet. steve: and the 3d effects in the new film "the walk "a little too real. the unintended effect it is having on people who
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dari: edward snowden uppedded the social
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steve: that is right. he joined twitter today. the first tweet that read "can you hear me now" nsa has been retweeted nearly 70,000 times. while snow den racksp up the followers all right. more thanp00 thousand. we talked about this at 5:00. it was like 470,000. >> incredible. dari: well, he only chooses to follow the old bosses ie the nsa. the agencies not following him though. >> not officially. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we know what he is >> yeah. >> we got everything on him. >> snow den did exchange tweets and encourage him first place. dari: very cool. very cool. at first at snow den handle was taken but whoever had it tweeted has not tweeted in three years or had not done so, so snow dn's attorney convinced the twitter to turn it over to the actual snow den said snow den boy the
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way has been living in exile in russia since the u.s. charged him with he is opiniononnage who are very valing spy secrets bass drill thissing us they have been spying on us. steve: all right. president obama meeting with raul castro. the two held private talks today in a step toward normalizing relation and discussed the recent visit of pope francis and a tackleled issues of human rights and u.s. recently eased travel restrictions to cube and reopened the embassy in havana. dari: chris kist ty got a big boost the iowa. six major business and a community leaders there are now publicly supporting new jersey's governor and that is despite being way behind in the polls. >> aim grat fyked to have the sort of every one of the gentlemen and the constituencies they represent. >> well, iowa caucuses
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are set for february 1st. steve: vol walks wagon new ceo am promising a fix next month. the company plans to revisit up to 11 million vehicle as have faulty software designedded emissions test and it alone could cost 6.5 billion. that is without all the lawsuits nearly half million cars affected include vok wagon molds with clean diesel engines. n engineer has something in common the creator of one of the hottest plays now. proprofessor was among 24 people i have a warded the mcarthur deneas grant. another new yorker, yeah, very famous lynn manuel miranda, a playwright, composer, a performer, the create orf broadway's hottest show hamilton was also among the winners and the mcarthur foundation looks for people shed light and making progress on critical issues. professor who was chosen
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for turning waste water. listen to this. from a pollutant into a valuable resource said the award took him by surprise. >> i was, i was bit numb initially. of course after this, of course, was overjoyed. i wasover joyed. >> okay, i madge gen the usefulness of being able to turn waste watt near a valuable resource. each winner gets $625 over 5 years to spend any way they wish. steve: they get to do whatever they want. keep being brilliant. you better, you bet. the who is walk. the band rescheduled dates for the 50 tour starting in tebbary. the band had to postpone the fall tour to give time to recover from viral meningitis. he is feeling better, though. dari: well, the trailer for the new pof i have the walking boosts 3d technology unlike anything you have seen before. this in this case, it seems the movie based on
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high wire walk toon the old twin towers has some audience members reasoning to the bathroom. lidia curanaj explains. the new 3d movie the walk is about real life daredevil. in 1974, the trenchman stared death in the face when walked a tightrope across the world trade sen ter towers more than 1300 feet above the ground without a net. the 3d effect is apparently so authentic, that many moviegoers experienced vertigo and nausea. >> the effects are out of this world t. the shock of over the building of sort of look the 110 torres or just incredible. the senior editor of a.m. new york screened the movie. >> personally wash i was okay. i did not get bothered by fear of heights in general. i can totally understand the reports.
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immersive experience. >> woe. >> need to you end me pull off. >> he stars in the movie on live be with michael tuesday. gordon lef vets says the 3d effect made all too real impact on the father. >> well, we were watching the movie. cue hear my dad go. >> your brain is being tricked and that gives you headache and a dizziness you are experiencing. >> the eye sur gn and a ophthalmologist at lenox hill hospital says the movie willed as havely effect those who are suss pebblingable to vert ty we do. >> the other shall that is are sitting still then your sensory perception system is being tricked as well because are sitting still but image makes you feel leak you are moving but are not. you are still. >> soon, that can give you a sense of vert ty ge as well. >> thank you for asking m me. why do you risk death? for me?
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this is nice. so if you plan on see teg film. you may want to hold on extra tight so that bag of popcorn lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." >> i think i actually will be one of the people affected by this. >> no. i would. dari: very difficult stuff with that. i would have a tough time. steve: incredible. all right, behind the scenes of the original screen queen herself. jamie lee curtis. >> i think, i think you did it. i think you did it. dari: she sits down with simone boyce and won't tell us who the killer he is but does secrets about recreate aing her mom's famous shower. steve: and for were the big stage. more on the new sit com
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steve: nicki minaj about to prove she can do more than rap. abc family has tapped her to the executive producer. the show will explore minage's experience growing up en queen z as immigrant from trinidad in the 1990 he ap appear in the show. dari: jamie lee curtis shocked to fame as the scream queen. steve: college dean
10:21 pm
on fox show. simone boys boys went one-on-one with the actress. simone boyce. reporter: she is one with of the bleg's after getting her start nearly 40 year ago. can you believe that? jamie lee curtis passing the torch to new horror actorrance a scream queens and honor herring mom's leg in the pros. he. >> you are asking me look i know who the killer he is. >> we month see? no one knows anything. >> even if she did know, jamie lee consider is would not tell us who is terrorizing the sorority members in screen queen. be honest. >> i am the dean of the college. >> i pine the sorority that is called capp pa is the, look my first order of business, it is to basically sut tem down because i find them. >> that's the thing about sororities and for trinities and all the country clubs and all about exclusions. it is bawl who is not allowed in. >> did you ever
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experience some of that exclusivity in hollywood? >> i think we experienced exclusivity and, and, and this feeling of not being wanted in life. i think it is all the way through school. lunch tables. did you ever have a traditional college life experience? >> you know what i did? i was little sester. i can sk the vulgar fight song. >> can i har it if. >> no, i was not a skol har. i barely got out of high school. i think i had 800, 840 combined on my sat's. that was when 1600 was the best you could get. >> oh, okay. >> after a short stint at the university of the pacific, curtis followed the mother's footsteps into acting. the mom janet leigh formerred this iconic shower scene in psycho, a moment jamie lee curtis will are recreate in scream queens much? they are far away it. i asked my mom. i wanted if never to try
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to. i am in her shadow. i didn't need to be under her shadow that much and a it just felt look the right timing. i think my mom would love it. >> apparently nobody knows who the keller is on this show. i think after seeing tonight's episode it has got to be multiple people. think they are multiple people running around in the red devil mask. wonder when we are depending out. that's the thing. >> the later the bet. yeah. exactly. >> yeah, it is really good. >> very good. >> i am hooked. >> all right. >> good stuff. >> thanks so much. >> how about this? presidented to be popular holiday gift. that has the faa very worried what could be done track done the drones because they don't do go. >> and well look at that. how he is improving
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dari: all right. drones expected to be a out sell the holiday season. the thought of that is scaring the heck out of the fa. the potential for so many drones fly arrange the skies is actually a a real safety concern. steve: i know. matt king went to see what the fa could do to get on the potentially out of control situation. dari: the faa pecks americans to receive 1 million as gifts. >> it is a huge concern. all it really takes is a decent-size drone to let the wrong place of an airplane or helicopter and that drone is going to take down the helicoper or the airplane. reporter: mose of those 1 millionle new aircraft should cluster in the airspace above population centers. they will watch any kind of train aring. >> it is fot what you do as the person that goes out to buy the drones. what is the kids will did and the friends are going to do by the work and the home enjoying
10:27 pm
the drone. dari: those with use drone force work must receive government permit and those hanging out as green says enjoying them at home nice requirements. >> as they with great rules saying don't do this. it doesn't matter because most of the people flying the drones don't know what the rules are or never go going to learn those. >> the faa require drone manufacturers restrict the height of the aircraft and a include gp to prevent drones from flying be the airports also remind drone critics not reck asal drones will save lives. >> drones going forward are going to be a over a lot of the very high risk jobs that are now boeing performed by man and machine. in midtown, matt king, "fox 5 news." steve: nfl's appeal to tom brady rule aring with will have to wait million next year. federal appeals court says pebbary 1st is the earliest. that heans the patriots' quarterback will be able to dom pleat without having to orie about what would happen if the nfl wins the pail.
10:28 pm
the league looking to recover turn that nullified the four-game suspension for his role in the the deflate scandal. dari: the new york jets are dealing with trash talking in the locker room and coming the steve: it is funny. he put it on soaks media via twitter. here wince of the tweet interests the son of tight end's coach jimmie johnson who used at jem my j. he posted the pic with a physician after last sunday's game with a caption called a bum. >> well. he also posted this picture of the quarterback and captioned it. antonio two of the 15 kids pooh i the way he doesn't have 15 kids. he took offense naturally and fired walk the tweet of house in. it read "why you worried about my family?" if it wasn't not for your dad, you would not be nothing in life at jimmy j.82 am? you wet per warp yourself, son. the ketch's son has changed the twitter handle. for the record, cromartie has ten
10:29 pm
children, not 15. >> very good. >> a big correction. steve: all right. things have got son bad in sports that referees compacted. look at this. check it out. it was argument at amateur soccer match in are a zil. the ref pulled a gun. he is a local police officer. no within was hurt. the rf was underrer going a full look. dari: all right. communication between the police and, you know, the come-ty. here is an attempt there. was like a scene out of step up. when a connecticut police officer challenged a street dancer to a dance off. >> woe. dari: getting skiing give with it. >> all right. dari: that is officer matt. he was patrolling a car
10:30 pm
show in new britain, connecticut over the weekend when noticed tyler johnson freestyling. chris brown's turn up the mikes. a 22-year-old dancer and chal renninged tim? so surprised by the dance u teen, he posted the ved yes on facebook under stand this, with the caption not all cops are bad. steve: that this is goal. dari: very nice. if. steve: all right. time mu for the on brand and off brand the daily living up or down. on prand, things are bigger in texas in including even the biceps of the little kid at the rangers' game. he was showing off and seen kissing the biceps throughout the game and trying to show off for the uncle who run ares one of the stadiums. that is how he round up in the pig screen. rumors that quitter could be to drop the trade park ma, hark the site is trying to grow the number of people
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tweeting and expanding how much you could fit. off brand. mtv's real record challenge fame. greening from ear to ear in the mugshot after getting raced for dwi ap facing a bunch charges after crashing the truck into the wall in georgia t. the most jarring mugshot you have seen. hey, i got publicity. it has bane while. steve: he has not bin the news in awhile. in a say that never sleeps, ghostly tales are alive ap well. dari: it means it is halloween time. tonights we are taking you inside of new york's spooky side and visiting the city's most haunted places. steve: the legal usle over together bags while two popular clothing stores are identifying over whose design this is. the weather about to turn in a big way. be sure that check out the fox 5ny weather app. there is a lot of rain on the way and features live interactive radar and storms right to where you are. plus, you can weather
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reporter: well, a september to remember. despite stocks this pont. rising this month and the highest level since january. looking to jump-start the career or puss mess then you may want to head to the lonestar state. a nudity showing texas has nine of the top ten cities with the fastest growing economies. the town of odessa taking the income per one spot. hean whole the jump in jobs and home prices some of the big reasons why. home prices not just rising in texas. the separate report saying l up 5% were last year and major cities acos the country. so, how is cure rig celebrating national coffee day? my serving up coke legal legal. the company's new machine hitting stores today.
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hot drinks, user cans make variety of sodas. the price tag a cool $300 or the device and a buck for each soda pack. we thought would you want to know. that is business, i am neille cavuto. >> all right. the fashion showdown taking on forever 21 in court. tick a look. thing about on the left was originally sold by h&m. the one on the right by forever 21. they look a lot alike for selling the beach bags in stores. m&m wants the bags pulled from store shelves whatever profits forever 21 has made. dari: clearly these are not this season. steve: right. dari: that is case that probably started. >> yeah. get the free publicity and the-if i. coming up, talking about the spooky side of new york city. sky they are alive and well in the big a apple. we take you on a tour. steve: no keys glob problems. how a bunch guys muscled the car.
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dari: well, of course, new york city has the oldest neighborhoods in the country. >> that is right. the neighborhoods are spooky store tros be told. dan bowen takes us on tour of haunted new york. [bell tolling] report from the vaults of new york city history, inside some of the oldest and most historic truck are tures dash to well, that are manifest stories. >> reporter: there are many stories that never died. >> this is one of the most haunted places in the world. >> reporter: he is founder of the web site that documented many of the fork's tales like here at the chelsea lo trel a few tammous spirits like nancy murdered by boyfriend bishop are set to len ger. >> she was murdered in the room by her boyfriend and in room 1 un00 here so many people say if you stay in that room to this day, you will feel her pir vit and feel some
10:40 pm
description in the room. >> sometimes ghost stories in new york city may be sitting next to you having a drink like here at the white horse tavern in the west village and the sper rite of thomas said to haunt the bar around sitting here in the seat where he never ally drank ups to death in 1952. >> well, i feel like i am being stared at. somebody is watch meg. reporter: kurt has worked at the are for nearly 20 years and says it is not uncommon for tools to move around rooms. one night, are the basement, three times wrench fell off of a shelf. then it didn't actually fall between 20 feet across the room unter where i moved the keg from. it is not falling. he was like it was placed there with no sound. turned around, it was there. reporter: not far away, the first taverns. it is also manager gary says the own relatives were spooked by some say is the spirit of a sailor said to haunt this his toker site.
10:41 pm
>> i said the seats are moving and they were white as ghosts themselves. >> guests that can linger for centuries like peter stuyvesant when you of the earlier residence. >> you may hear a scratching along the stone floor and that is wooden leg as he paces back and forth in the church. >> reporter: a city with millions of stories. many belonging to the days. dan bowens be where "fox 5 news." steve: intrigue. dari: dark and creepy tomorrow morning. >> we had extend summer and now get more from october. dari: true. reporter: we see changes finally. we had a nice trech stretch of weather. dari: i would take this weather pattern any day. it was fabulous month. reporter: now we switch over to wet weather and see a whole loft it. it looks like for the week, folks so you want to be prepared. will hp do you that. 83 is what we hit.
10:42 pm
12:30. that is above average this time of year. and everyone was above average with the high temperatures mostly in the 80's. although in the 5 andp 75-degree reading in monticello. 78 toward montauk point. still muggy throughout. a lot of readings in the 70's now like across long eye thrown city and down the shore in bellmawr where temperature is 73. we're at cooler 66 toward monticello. a lot of rain there. dewpoints very uncomfortable in the upper 60's to low 70's and stain range over the next couple of days. right now, about the rain starting to move in. we had some bouts of pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall ob and off throughout new jersey and long hine. but now, the wave of rain that is coming are the west is starting to to make the way into areas around new york city and a continue to then as we go through. i am large wall of rain extended from maine all the way toward the hid at-tick. can see very heavy rainfall moving out of
10:43 pm
d.c. heading through maryland and now approaching southeastern pennsylvania that is spreading the area overnight probably starting after midnight. there is a cold front sitting toest this and that front is slowly edging the way eastward and dog push the rain across the area overnight and unfortunately going to be here for tomorrow morning's commute. here it place out around the avenue i have rain coming through tonight and will be here about 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning so wet rid four am coing the north like the hudson valley heading toward northern new jersey and north of i-80 that is rough in the morning. as we go through the day. a bit of a lull as the front starts to work through. it will probably ignite few here showers in time for the evening commute. the rest of the ran in the morning. then quiet tomorrow night before another round starts to work trin the south here. we start off quiet thursday morning. then rain starts to move in across southern and eastern sections and that will be around for the morning and evening commute on thursday. we are still not out of the woods pause we have unsettled weather to talks to the weekend.
10:44 pm
we are keeping an eye on this system that is tropical storm with a queen. it is meandering around the bahamas and watching it closely because now slowing done the track and just off the carolinas around sunday. and looks like by this point, it increases in intensity to category one hurricane. they are going nek it a hurricane or they think it will be a you are can buy tomorrow morning. we will watch that for you. meantime, we have the own rain. some isolated thunderstorms tonight. it will be windy. i will be windy tomorrow. as well we have gusts up to 30 miles per hour. watch out for period was rain heavy at times for the first half. we stay unsettled to thursday. another round comes in. check out temperatures behind the cold front that will drop the 50's for highs for thursday. 60 for friday. it continues to be windy then showily rise back up to 70 by the weekend but we are still unsettled nine. we're watching to see how it may affect us as go tho the end of next weekend. really kind of troublesome difficult
10:45 pm
all the elements surrounding us. lye look looks they have some set. steve: it is amazing it happens at once in. no rain forever. now all rain. ing. dari: weather is a balancing act. we knew would get it sooner or lit later. steve: thanks. farewell to a baseball legend. dari: russ takes us in side of the funeral for yogi ber and tells us how derek jeter is remembering yogi today. reporter: aim ies rosales the toyota traffic tracker. the long island a expressway in queens one lane will be closed tomorrow for construction. 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. street cleaning rulings are bang effect citywide. tune in to good day new york starting at 4:30 in
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10:49 pm
>> it was so real. so real. he was so real. he was so loved. friends of mine contacted me when yogi passed to thank me for introus dooing them to him for being in the same room with him. he fek sod many people in such a positive of way. >> that was yogi all right. he affected all of us in a very positive way. former yankee captain described yo economy way page. yogi was magician when it came to making people comfortable. he made everyone he sper acted with feel at ease and was so ease stoib around, that you actually forget you were talking to a baseball legend. >> and then, that were these words are the imminence, timothy cardinal dolan presiding over today's farewell. >> where we are from are what we do is hardly as important as who we are and where we're going. we're god's children.
10:50 pm
in and likeness saved by his son and considered his work of art. we live each day worthy of that identity in that goal. that was yogi's philosophy. >> yogi berra personified the american dream. yogi, you were a champion i every single one of those 90 years. we are grateful. god bless you and your wonderful family. my friend. reporter: very tough this morning to say good-bye. s with a great sendoff one that yo guy have been proud of. baseball tonight. red sox bomb the yanks. keeping the yanks' magic number for walk-off birth at two and playing spoilers there while in philly. two poms from lucas t.
10:51 pm
that is it for sports. >> thanks very much. >> well, this is some rid video i happened to stum pell upon. i knew i bass toness with greatness. i see these guys a moving team put the four dollies inner a money oh, wait. he got get this on film. apparently, this car was in the way. and there was zone where the building guys were going to move when the whole thing. they put the car two of the guys in the video still smoke cigarettes while moving the car out of the way by hand. are dedislike as seeing >> yeah. this is viral greatness. >> 2015 or whatever the walkie world we're live in. all right. i know thissist one of those funny things i saw on the way to work. we showed this to you and on the better account. pretty funny, though. >> they had the car about an inch of the ground. out of the way. all right. >> i tell you. >> i know. like following yogi ber,
10:52 pm
>> yeah. >> i am in that mode. >> yeah. >> that is it. wait null growp. >> i love. >> one of these days i will. i will a.m. all right. you pom miss. >> i homeroom miss. haib. soon. >> take care.
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